Hosaena Ghebru


General area of research

Land Tenure, Land Policies and Land Markets, Development and Natural Resource Economics


-UMB- PhD student (finished 2010)

-Mekelle University, Ethiopia

-Post-doctoral fellow, IFPRI, Washington DC from August 2011

Country of origin


E-mail address


Postal address

 IOR-UMB, P.O.BOX 5003, 1432 AAS, NORWAY





 CV of Hosaena




Gehbru, Hosaena (2010). Land Policy Reforms and the Land Rental Market in Ethiopia. Equity, Productivity, and Welfare Implications. PhD-dissertation. Department of Economics and Resource Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.


Papers with Hosaena:


Holden, Stein T. and Hosaena Ghebru (2011). Household Welfare Effects of Low-cost Land Certification in Ethiopia. CLTS Working Paper No. 3/2011. Centre for Land Tenure Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway.


Holden, S. T., Deininger, K. and Ghebru, H. (2011). Tenure Insecurity, Gender, Low-cost Land Certification and Land Rental Market Participation. Journal of Development Studies 47 (1): 31-47.


Holden, S. T., Deininger, K. and Ghebru, H. (2010). Impact of land registration and certification on land border conflicts in Ethiopia. Paper presented at the World Bank Annual Conference on Land Policy and Administration in Washington DC April 26-27, 2010.


Holden, S. T., Deininger, K. and Ghebru, H. (2009). Impacts of Low-cost Land Certification on Investment and Productivity. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91 (2): 359-373


Ghebru, H. and Holden, S. T. (2008). Factor Market Imperfections and Rural Land Rental Markets in Northern Ethiopian Highlands. In Holden, S. T., Otsuka, K. and Place, F. (Eds.). The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa: Impacts on Poverty and Efficiency. Resources For the Future Press, Washington D.C.



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